Make the adventure an EASY hike for you!

Being prepared can make your trip much more enjoyable.

Having things like proper footwear, adequate water, or knowledge of your route means that you can focus on the beautiful wilderness you came to see.

Follow a few basic tips, and you’ll be on your way to a hike that’s fun and EASY.

Early Start

Ask for Information

Stay on the Trail

You Are Responsible

Early Start – An early start means cooler temperatures, making it home before dark, and reaching the summit before storms can build later in the day. For more information about potential weather conditions, please visit Remember that weather changes quickly in the mountains, so be aware of potential weather changes. Bring a headlamp for each group member in case your trip unexpectedly goes beyond sunset.

Ask for Information You are in the right place! Much of the information you need can be found by exploring the Yosemite National Park’s official website here. Click on additional links to the right to get to exactly what you need to know for your planned itinerary. If you still have questions, please stop at a visitor center to get extra information to make your trip an enjoyable one.

Stay on the Trail – Trails have been built to be the path of least resistance. Many accidents in Yosemite are the result of hikers leaving designated trails to approach a river, cliff edge, or other seemingly harmless hazards. Watch Dangerous Rivers to see some of the risks involved in off-trail travel.

You Are Responsible – Your safety is your responsibility. By taking time to prepare for your trip, you may prevent a vacation-ending accident. Visit the Lessons Learned PSAR blog to read about search and rescue in Yosemite.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Ensuring you return to tell the tale

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